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Managing account receivable is one of the key drivers of organization health. It has direct impact on the cost of funds leading to profitability. Many a times, despite a huge focus on timely collection of receivables, it does get impacted by the constant pressure on Sales teams to generate new business from clients. Further, the increased requirement on the bandwidth of already stretched teams across functions has adverse impact on delivery at the field. This is where TanServ focuses on, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the receivables are serviced on time, every time. Whether it means prepping up the customer days before the due date or tracking the progress on the payment, we ensure we work diligently yet with smile to enhance the customer experience.

Accounts Receivables Servicing

This is the core TanServ offering. We walk the talk by helping customers collect faster and efficiently. We bring the knowledge gained from years on the job to deliver month on month. We make it our responsibility to meet your targets & expectations by working closely with the customer through a problem solving mode. We understand the importance of customer relationships and our entire approach to an effective collection is keeping this ethos in mind. Enhancing the customer relationship for a continued mutual beneficial relationship is the key mantra we are governed by. We understand the varied requirements to service receivables of different vintages. Working with customers to collect within the due date or in the late stage, we provide an equally great experience. We start with in-depth understanding of the payable process of the customer to ensure the right approach the first time.


Good analytics support and enhances the collections work. It provides the direction for right efforts to yield optimum results. We provide our clients deep insights through extensive analytics eventually that becomes the key for our clients’ success

Credit Monitoring Services

Collecting from more than 5000 entities a month, we have the right kind of knowledge/experience to advise customers on designing an optimum credit monitoring mechanism. While there are multiple options available to gauge the financial of an originations, the payment behavior/experience is what TanServ brings to the table. We help clients with this knowledge to decide on the credit strategy and the pricing thereof.

Statutory documentation

The business operations in India can witness losses due to many statutory requirements like c-forms, I-forms, etc. Delayed or lack of these documents can lead to significant loss to an organization, We help our clients to get their hands around this issue by ensuring collections of these on time.

Documentation Solution

Correct invoicing the first time is key to an effective collection strategy. We help our client build an effective invoicing and billing system to facilitate smoother payments. This also involves customized invoices, working the customer payment portals and other related work. We own this to provide a seamless collections process