Problem statement

Client is an industrial product company making small instruments which are used in large plants. So the product reaches territories which are beyond convention cities and collection most of the time was from these locations. Due to the nature of business, the client had a small team to work with customers to manage the AR. Their ability to reach out to the entire expanse of the country and manage huge number of invoices was limited thus impacting follow up and collections. For increased reach, more resources were required making it unviable.

Solution provided

With reach of more than 55 cities in India, TanServ provides phyical coverage to clients like no other. We brought the reach to this client and the TanServ team provided the impetus on collections. Despite spread out collections across smaller value and high number of invoices, Inebura was instrumental in helping contain the visibility thus increasing the control of the existing team. TanServ team on the field worked with the client’s team to streamline the entire process.


Better reach, better control to the client and thus client was able to get newer customer across other territories too without any impact of the overall DSO.

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