Technology is leading the change in this world. A compelling combination of technology and manpower leads to extraordinary results and Inebura was created with this in mind.​

Inebura is a cutting edge Account Receivable Management Platform to help the team to manage the entire receivables very effectively. It was created by the people who have worked the market and have had wealth of experience engaged in the process of collections everyday.​​

It provides for real time visibility into collection metrics and KPIs across all levels, be it a collector or a manager or a CFO for effective collection strategies.​​

Inebura is a module based platform

Effective cashflow management entails release of funds stuck in various channels, directly or indirectly. Hence a comprehensive view of cashflow across AR, EMD, TDS etc is important for an effective cashflow management. Inebura provides that comprehensive view to our clients.
Collection Module​
TDS Module​
Balance Confirmation Module​​
EMD Module​​


  • Data Security.​
  • Portfolio snapshot at the touch of a button.​
  • Complete and thorough analysis of the portfolio.​
  • Indicate priority cases to get instant feedback.
  • ​Clear and focused projections and case analysis. ​


  • Complete control on the Workflow solution to better manage the portfolio.​
  • Complete snapshot at any point of time.​
  • All reports with a click.​
  • Directional message and priority cases selection.​
  • Exceptional reports.​Approval alerts.​

Front line staff ​

  • Workflow solution to better manage the portfolio.​
  • ​Automation help to manage the call backs, reminders and other tasks.​
  • Clear visibility on deliverables.​
  • Easy escalation of dependency cases to clients & Managers.
  • ​Routine tasks taken care of. ​
  • Clear guidelines on the cases to be prioritised.​
  • Easy to read reports which can be customised.​

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