Problem statement

Some of the top dealers of this power too company were into disputes with the company and had stopped working. However, they were carrying huge payables to the company. Many of them were even served legal notices for recovery of the outstanding. There were other dealers appointed to take care of business in those territories but they were not so supportive of the products. The dealers under disputes were some of the top dealers in the industry and were being eyed by the competition.

Solution provided

There was a tactical team formed with expertise in dealing with aggrieved parties and with extensive knowledge of reconciliation. This team led by one of the directors of the company met up with dealers, in many cases these were in hostile environment. However, the outreach was helped by support from the client to settle the matters on top priority. Most of these cases were met and settled within a span of 3 months.


Most of the dealers were back to doing business with the client and with the same TanServ team continue to interact with the dealers, the disputes are low and it has resulted in a robust and versatile channel now.

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