Problem statement

Client is into infrastructure industry which is highly capital intensive and faces extreme issues from customers on payment. This industry has been facing headwinds on capital recovery process and this client was also impacted. They were looking to manage the AR effectively so that the payments can be realised on time.

Solution provided

Understanding the funding arrangements of the customers as well as the fund flow was crucial to ensure payments are realised on time for this client. TanServ team spent considerable time to explore information with each customer and build inroads to ensure timely intimation on cashflow to the customer. Further, as most of the projects were in remote locations and project offices were instrumental in release of payments, keeping a track was important. With its extensive reach, TanServ team was able to provide this to the client and ensured that information was disseminated quickly for approach to get the payment realised.


Better reach and faster response resulted in faster realisation of cashflow.

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